First consultation

At your first visit, we examine your dental situation or that of your child.
We analyse together with you if an orthodontic treatment is indicated or not and if it is already the right time to start with.

It is our goal to give you all the necessary information and to be able to answer your specific questions (i.e., the advantages and disadvantages, the approximate treatment time and costs, the different treatment options, and meeting the costs by insurances). This gives you the opportunity to decide, without creating any big expenses, if you would like to start an orthodontic treatment or not.

In the event of orthodontic treatment need, we will take an initial documentation before starting your treatment. Normally, this takes place at the second appointment.

Second consultation

The initial documentation (containing intra- and extraoral pictures, dental casts, and X-rays) allows us to analyse your orthodontic problems and elaborate your personal orthodontic treatment plan and its alternatives.

A detailed treatment plan and cost estimate will be given to you and for your dental insurance.

Third consultation

We will discuss and explain to you in detail the findings of the initial documentation, the treatment time, costs, and sequences at your third consultation. We aim to answer all your questions concerning the advantages and disadvantages of your orthodontic treatment.

Afterwards, the next appointments will be scheduled to start your orthodontic treatment.