The treatment costs depend mainly on the degree of difficulty of the orthodontic treatment (laboratory work, X-rays, dental material, and orthodontic treatment). A detailed cost estimate is created for you after the initial documentation and elaboration of the treatment plan. The cost estimate contains the costs for the orthodontic work, the laboratory work, the dental material, and X-rays.

The Swiss Dental Society (SSO) regulates the costs created by dental and orthodontic treatments. The costs are calculated on the following basis:

The SSO defines a number of points (PP) for each dental performance done, i.e., an extraction of a milk tooth corresponds to 8.5 tax points (PP). This number of points will be multiplied by the so-called tax point value (VPT). The tax point value can be different from dentist to dentist (normally between 3.10 and 5.80). That means if a dentist works for a tax point value of 4.0 he will earn by the extraction of a milk tooth 8.5 x 4 CHF = 34 CHF.

The tax point value applied in our orthodontic office is 3.10.